Alpine Fastback Hardtop Plans

During the Classic Motor Show, at a particularly busy time in the Archive Centre booth, a quiet gentleman handed in a wrapped package without any explanation. Then he disappeared into the crowd. It was a short while before the package was opened to have the contents “checked in” to the archive. What a discovery! An (more…)

N57 – Survival Tactics for Your Air Cleaner

by: Rich Bakula in the August 1982 RootesReview: Within the past year, I successfully completed another project. It was the restoration of my air cleaner’s metal housing which some of the TE/AE United V attendees may have seen and mistaken as original. The original paint was peeling miserably, but I had an excellent sample of (more…)

N56 – Releasing a Locked Hood

By Steve Werrel in the May 2007 RootesReview: For my first contribution I would like to provide an answer to Jim Andersons question on how to release a locked hood or as we call them over here a locked bonnet. The most commonly used solution is to unbolt the hinges from the front of the (more…)

N55 – Cubby Box Restoration Tip

by Mike Shreiner in the May 2007 RootesReview: I discovered a tech tip while installing a new wood dash….the old cubby cardboard had what was left of a black fuzzy felt like material on it. It was disintegrating from being 40 years old. I removed what was left with a brass wire brush, but wanted (more…)

N54 – Convertible Top Protector

by John Logan in the February and April 2007 RootesReview: In the February issue you saw pictures of the convertible top protector. Now I’ll tell you how they were made. They are of course for the Alpines and Tigers that have the metal top covers where the sharp edges of the body and hinge can (more…)

N53 – Seat Belt Replacement

by John Polasek in the December 2006 RootesReview: After my cheapo aftermarket (came with my car) drivers’ side seat belt fell apart, I was looking for decent set of new or used replacements to duplicate originals. I noticed on Ebay the “Beam’s” brand aviator style lift release belts were often selling for big bucks. Even (more…)

N52 – Sources for Paint Code 86

by Ron Fraser in the December 2006 RootesReview: Here are the numbers I have for paint code 86: If you want a current PPG code for forest green I suggest you contact Dale’s Restoration or Tiger Auto for the paint codes they use. You have two options for paint — basecoat/clearcoat or the paint shop (more…)

N51 – Wiper Blades

by Jim Anderson, John Logan and Fred Baum in the July 2006 RootesReview: At one time or another we’ve all been caught in the rain and have had to rely on the wipers. With the Lucas electrical systems it is hit-or-miss if they will work or not. I have had problems with the wipers shutting (more…)

N50 – Dealing with the Dread Footprint of the Hard Top

By Stu Brennan in the January 2001 RootesReview: If you use your hard top, you are no doubt aware of the dreaded Hard Top Footprint, the marks left in your paint by the gaskets on the bottom of the removable hard top. It is possible to buff out the marks with polishing compound, but how (more…)

N49 – ”X” Frame Exhaust Pass-Thru Front Replacement

by Ron Barrette in the May 1993 RootesReview: Many Tiger owners who have cars that have spent most of their days in the Northern tier states will have cars with some degree of rust in the area of the “X” frame pass-thru. Although not a critical problem yet, I feel eventually even the West coast (more…)