by Ron Fraser in the December 2006 RootesReview:

Here are the numbers I have for paint code 86:

ManufacturerPaint Code
Lucite Lacquer8420L
DuLux Enamel97191
Chrysler part75242857
Burger code404.2106

If you want a current PPG code for forest green I suggest you contact Dale’s Restoration or Tiger Auto for the paint codes they use.

You have two options for paint — basecoat/clearcoat or the paint shop will mix the color as a one stage paint. I like basecoat/ clear coat systems but it does take some time to get use to painting with them.

If you have experience with painting lacquer and enamel paints you can paint basecoat/ clear coat. I equate basecoat to shooting lacquer “dry”, and clear coat to shooting enamel. Using a HVLP gun sure helps.

You also have to wait between coats to let the volatiles evaporate before applying the next coat or the paint could bubble or pop. This is an area where you need some experience or good “how to” instructions for the paint you choose.

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