By Steve Werrel
in the May 2007 RootesReview:

For my first contribution I would like to provide an answer to Jim Andersons question on how to release a locked hood or as we call them over here a locked bonnet. The most commonly used solution is to unbolt the hinges from the front of the bonnet, which is not always that easy to do (in fact it may pay to check that these bolts are relatively free on your car just in case you ever need to perform this trick) and then lift the bonnet a fraction so as not to bend it. The next part of the task requires someone to hold the bonnet in this semi elevated position whilst you reach up to the opening mechanism and run a piece of nylon cord through the loop that the release wire goes into. After you have done that it is a simple matter to tie a knot and pull, you should then have a freed bonnet.

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After you get that all accomplished….. contact me DanR and I will sell you a hood/Bonnet release component which is a “copy” of the oiginal for the SIV’s with the release rod in lieu of the cable that occassionaly breaks and leads to the locked bonnet, right??

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