N48 – Shoulder Belt for Sunbeams

originally published as “Safer Seat Belts” by Dave Spiwak in the April 1993 RootesReview: Your Sunbeam has bolts on the rear wheel well for installation of across-the-shoulder seat belts. You can see them by looking into the wheel wells.  J.C. Whitney (among others) has a nice quality belt that bolts right in and offers much (more…)

N47 – Powder Coating Tip

from the April 2008 RootesReview: Joe Parlanti has discussed powder coating on many different occasions. He recently replied to a Tiger list question about how to get rid of pock marks and other defects in the metal surface to be coated. On page 78 of Hemmings Sports & Exotic Cars is an article about a (more…)

N46 – Car Polishing Tips for Older Cars

By Steve Silverstein in the October 2001 RootesReview: (Cleaning and polishing old cars is something that should be as basic as washing your face or brushing your teeth. But it is remarkable how little most car owners know about the process of restoring a paint job that has lost its luster. TE/AE member Steven Silverstein (more…)

N45 – Undercoat Removal

by Paul Burr, previously published as “Zen and the Art of Tiger Restoration” in the August 1987 RootesReview Anyone contemplating a detailed undercarriage on their Sunbeam has probably meditated on this thought: “How do I get that black gunk off of my car??” Sandblast? Wrong, grasshopper. Sandblasting will bounce off undercoat and burn holes in (more…)

Field Guide To Sunbeam Alpines

by Rex Funk in the May 1995 RootesReview: Short diagonal lines on the drawings point to important identification features for each car. SERIES I High fins, angled like ’57 Chevy Low (4″) roll-up window guide post Horizontal spare tire over gas tank All chrome bumper guards Rear edge of roll-up window is curved “Bubble” shaped (more…)

N44 – Glass Rear Window for Factory Hardtop

by Dave Lawler in Tiger Tracks, S.T.O.A. July, 1978, published in the July/August 1978 RootesReview The following is an account of how I finally arrived at a successful replacement window for the rear of a factory hard top. In the middle of last winter while searching junk yards for old Tigers so I could get (more…)

N43 – Making That Hardtop Fit

by Gary Cooper – STOA in the March 1996 RooteReview Before fitting your hardtop to the car there are a few things that you need to consider and do. For starters, any major movement of the parts mentioned below may expose damaged or undesirable painted surfaces. Unless the top seems too loose, don’t attempt this. (more…)

N42 – Seat Rail Refurbishing

by Herb Mosley- C.A.T. in the January 1996 RootesReview Primitive by some standards, that seat mechanism is pretty well designed, but may need some attention after a few years of neglect. Two-driver families can find repositioning the seats a real struggle. Spraying oil at the rollers and tracks is just not enough to get them (more…)

N41 – Wooden Dash Panel Refurbishing

by Ron Ressman & Ira Balestrieri in the January 1996 RootesReview (Reprinted from Shelby American) In our opinion, one of the nicest things in the Sunbeam Tiger is the burled walnut dash panel. It’s also the source of constant aggravation for owners with the epoxy finish invariably spider webbing and cracking, caused by age (due (more…)

N40 – Sealing Firewall Air Leaks

by Stu Brennan originally published as What to do in a Sunbeam at Night in the October 1995 RootesReview Is the sun down? Are the kids asleep? Good. Now is the time. Invite your wife or significant other to join you in the garage for a few minutes, for something that both of you will (more…)