During the Classic Motor Show, at a particularly busy time in the Archive Centre booth, a quiet gentleman handed in a wrapped package without any explanation. Then he disappeared into the crowd. It was a short while before the package was opened to have the contents “checked in” to the archive.

What a discovery!
An official project proposal for the Alpine Fastback Hardtop!

A collection of sketches and to-scale drawings along with outline documentation for a fiberglass coupe hardtop with two alternate designs, the second including changes to the rake of the windscreen.

The introduction document to the two schemes tells us that wind tunnel tests indicated that considerable performance improvement could be obtained without power increase. The predicted figures for the two schemes are reduced Drag co-efficient to .425 and .410, which would give an increase of  4mph and 5 to 6mph at maximum speed. As we know, the schemes never made it to market. But this bit of history can now be shared.

The sketches, drawings and documentation have been digitized and copies will be available to for research.

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