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Continuing our theme of getting into the local culture we have a great rally planned for all brave enough to drive. Picture a drive along the mighty Ohio out to the small village of Augusta. There you will find private parking for your Sunbeam allowing you to wander the antique shops, restaurants, and other village amenities. The town mayor will welcome you officially and present his favorite Sunbeam with a town flag and a “Mayor’s Trophy”. Can’t win the concours or people’s choice? Here is your chance to win over a novice. Special dash plaques will be awarded to all brave enough to make the sojourn as well. We are tentatively calling this “Rootes to the River Rally”. Come back the same way, or venture over the Ohio on the quaint car ferry to the Ohio side and come back on the northern route. Just doesn’t get any better then this.

And to really get you into the local culture, such as it is, we have planned a concours lunch catered by world famous Skyline Chili. “They put chocolate in their chili???!!!” Only in the Cincinnati area will you find this gastronomic delight. A three way and Coney await all our United visitors. Don’t know what these are? You’ll just have to come and try them out. You will not find this at another United- I guarantee it.

TAC At United

For those of you with Tigers, who would like to have your car certified as a genuine Tiger under the TAC program, please send an email to Curt Hoffman at ch*******@ci***.com. Tom Calvert is pulling together a team to do the certifications this year and will do as many cars as time allows. Actual times that will be used for this process will be posted at the United in the hospitality room. We will have the certifications done in order based on: members of the club, registered for the United, and in the order the request is sent to Curt.

If you have any questions send them to Curt Hoffman at the above email.

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