United XXVI

Registration Form United Schedule Still Haven’t Registered โ€” Read This Continuing our theme of getting into the local culture we have a great rally planned for all brave enough to drive. Picture a drive along the mighty Ohio out to the small village of Augusta. There you will find private parking for your Sunbeam allowing (more…)

Register now for the United 26 โ€“ Or Else

OK you say to yourself, why register for the United now when I can do it later. Well here are the best reasons I can think of: We have to provide over a month lead-time on the shirts, so will not be able to guarantee sizes or availability of our collectible United XXVI high grade (more…)

United 26 Photo Gallery

United XXVI October 13-15, 2006 Covington, Kentucky Gallery of Winners Lord Rootes Trophy Winner Concours d’Elegance Winners Autocross Winners Panoramic View (just opens the image)