OK you say to yourself, why register for the United now when I can do it later. Well here are the best reasons I can think of:

We have to provide over a month lead-time on the shirts, so will not be able to guarantee sizes or availability of our collectible United XXVI high grade polo shirts (with pockets) unless ordered by September 1.
We have to guarantee a certain number of participants to hold the riverboat for our cruise, plus we have to pay for it in advance.
The rooms for the hotel will begin to be taken away on a rolling basis by the hotel if not reserved by certain dates. You do not want to stay at the motel 6 as an alternative.
We need to get the registration money ahead of time to pay for the trophies and such.
And perhaps as import as any reason – you will greatly ease the stress level of this year’s United Chairperson.

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