An extract from a Rootes report dated 18 February 1966, reprinted in the May 1977 RootesReview:

The Sunbeam Tiger is a child of the muscle car era in the middle 60’s, when Sunoco 280 was 35 cents per gallon. Times have changed, octane is down and gas prices have doubled. We find ourselves in the gas miser era. How does the Tiger rate for performance and gas mileage–GRRRREAT!!!

Performance and Mileage

Performance figures obtained from Tiger II ‘289’, test weight 3,023 lb. Vehicle tested had 8.8 to 1 compression ratio not 9.3 to 1. Comparative figures obtained for Tiger I are shown below.

Acceleration in Top Gear

Tiger IITiger I
20-40 m.p.h.5.4 sec.5.8 sec.
30-50 m.p.h.5.2 sec.5.8 sec.
40-60 m.p.h.5.0 sec.5.8 sec.
50-70 m.p.h.5.4 sec.6.2 sec.
60-80 m.p.h.6.2 sec.7.2 sec.
70-90 m.p.h.6.8 sec.8.8 sec.
80-100 m.p.h.8.4 sec.?

Acceleration Through Gears

Tiger IITiger I
0-30 m.p.h.3.0 sec.3.6 sec.
0-40 m.p.h.4.2 sec.5.0 sec.
0-50 m.p.h.6.3 sec.7.0 sec.
0-60 m.p.h.7.9 sec.9.2 sec.
0-70 m.p.h.11.0 sec.12.3 sec.
0-80 m.p.h.14.0 sec.15.3 sec.
0-90 m.p.h.17.8 sec.21.7 sec.
0-100 m.p.h.22.7 sec.?
Mean 1/4 mile timed122-125 m.p.h.117-120 m.p.h.

Average Fuel Consumption

On Edge Hill course at average speed

Tiger IITiger I
45 m.p.h.21-24 m.p.g.18-23 m.p.g.

Fuel Consumption at Constant Speeds

Tiger IITiger I
30 m.p h.31.1 m.p.g.33.8 m.p.g.
40 m.p.h.32.1 m.p.g.33.1 m.p.g.
50 m.p.h.29.9 m.p.g.29.6 m.p.g.
60 m.p.h.26.9 m.p.g27.2 m.p.g.
70 m.p.h.23.5 m.p.g.24.0 m.p.g.
80 m.p.h.20.9 m.p.g.21.7 m.p.g.
90 m.p.h.18.2 m.p.g.19.6 m.p.g.
100 m.p.h.15.6 m.p.g.?

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