by Antoni Wojtowicz in the May 1977 RootesReview:


An effective method of protecting your Tiger against theft (for about $2.00) is to install a switch that will “cut off” your electric fuel pump. In the event that your car is “hot wired” and stolen, it can only be driven a few hundred yards, at most, before the carburetor runs out of gas.

If you look under the dashboard on the driver’s side you will notice a bunch of wires coming out of the driver’s side kick panel connecting to the under-dash wiring harness via many snap connectors. If you find the white wire among this bunch of wires, it will be the one for electric fuel pump. Disconnect this white wire under the dash at its point of connection and install a switch in line with it in some “secret” place where you can activate it when you turn on the ignition.


To further protect your car from theft, an equally effective and inexpensive method would be to install an “ignition coil cut-out switch”. The best way to do that would be to place a switch in another “secret place” wired in with the negative wire at the ignition coil (i.e., in series with the distributor points and the ignition coil). Yes, I repeat the negative wire, for two reasons. One; placing a switch in line with the coil will not allow current to flow into the coil (at your control), two (and most important); is that placing this switch in line with the negative wire will always leave the distributor points electrically disconnected from the coil when the switch is open, or off. In the event that a thief “hot wires” your coil, it will not do him any good as the distributor points are out of the circuit.

Disconnect the negative wire on the coil (the wire of the distributor points) and connect that wire to one side of the switch. The other side of the switch goes back to the negative side the coil. If you tape the wire with black masking tape it looks like part of the wiring harness and no one will suspect anything.


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