Bulletin 61-237: Lubricants

ROOTES SERVICE BULLETIN MISCELLANEOUS No. 237 April 28, 1961 ——————————————————————————– TO ALL ROOTES GROUP DEALERS Lubricants We receive a number of inquiries regarding the effects of adding any of the proprietary Molybdenum Disulphide based additives compounds to the lubricants of our various mechanical units, and perhaps more to the point, we are asked frequently if (more…)

Bulletin 60-187: Factory-Fill Break-In Lubricants

LUBRICANTS No. 187 June 2, 1960 TO ALL ROOTES GROUP DEALERS Factory-Fill Break-In Lubricants A number of instances have come to our attention where owners have not returned to the selling Dealer at the first 500 mile interval to have the original factory-fill break-in lubricants drained and refilled with the proper viscosity replacement oils. Due (more…)