No. 187
June 2, 1960


Factory-Fill Break-In Lubricants

A number of instances have come to our attention where owners have not returned to the selling Dealer at the first 500 mile interval to have the original factory-fill break-in lubricants drained and refilled with the proper viscosity replacement oils.

Due to close machining tolerances in the engine, gearbox and rear axle assemblies, break-in oils are a necessity. In the process of running in, however, there is always some possibility of some metallic particles and foreign material, the resultants of running in, contaminating the major assembly lubricants as well as the oil filter cartridge.

Retention of contaminated oils in the major assemblies can over extended periods be detrimental tn the life and/or economical operation of the vehicle.

Prudent judgment for the continuation of owner satisfaction without a serious or even costly mishap suggests that all Dealers advise new car owners of the importance of having the original factory-fill oils in the engine, gearbox and rear axle assemblies drained and refilled at the first 500 miles of running in.

By adhering to this recommendation all Dealers will be offering their new car owners one more preventative maintenance service in the owners’ interests, not to mention the increased service shop revenue through the sale of these lubricants to owners.

Kindly bring the above to the attention of all concerned.


F.J. McGettrick
Wholesale Parts & Service Depts.

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