Bulletin 67-62: Alpine V & Arrow Change of Float Material In Carb

GROUP: FuelSUBGROUP: Zenith-Stromberg CarbDATE: 11-20-67 SUBJECT: Zenith-Stromberg CD & CDS Carbs: Change Of Float Material MODELS: Alpine V & Arrow A modification has been introduced on the subject carburetors, changing the float assembly material from compressed rubber to nylon. With this change of float material, some float settings have been altered and in some instances (more…)

Bulletin 66-2: Tiger 260 Carburettor Modification

NUMBER: 66-2 DATE: July 19, 1966 GROUP: Fuel SUBGROUP: Carburetor MODELS: Sunbeam Tiger (260) SUBJECT: Carburetor Modification Effective with serial number B382001074 a modification to the carburetor was introduced in production to prevent flooding. The modification includes the following parts changes: Description – Part Number – Qty. Carburetor Float – 6100324 – 1 Needle Valve (more…)