by Stu Brennan in the October 1995 RootesReview:

If you ever have to do any minor repairs while you were on the road, disposable latex gloves will keep your hands clean while you are dealing with the problem. Oil, grease, antifreeze, or those noxious potions that we add to our gas to replace the lead, will no longer foul your hands. These gloves can even be worn under regular work gloves, for heavy duty jobs. A box of 100 of these gloves can be had for just a few bucks.

If you don’t want to carry the whole box, and don’t want to leave a few loose pairs floating around your toolbox where they are sure to be damaged, then try this. A rolled up pair of latex gloves will fit nicely inside of a Kodak 35 mm film can. They will stay petroleum free and dry, which are both important factors in preserving latex products. I keep three or four pair in my toolbox. Even in the film cans, they probably won’t last forever, so you should plan on replacing then every two or three years.

Ed. Note: If you can’t find a 35 mm film can, a prescription pill bottle will work as well.

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