by Stu Brennan originally published as What to do in a Sunbeam at Night in the October 1995 RootesReview

Is the sun down? Are the kids asleep? Good. Now is the time. Invite your wife or significant other to join you in the garage for a few minutes, for something that both of you will enjoy. When you get there, the first thing to do is slide your Sunbeam’s seats back all the way. Then you lay in the driver’s seat, with your head under the dashboard. Now, ask her to lower your …….

WAIT A MINUTE! What kind of tech tip is this?

This is a “G” rated tech tip, folks. Ask her to lower your TROUBLE LIGHT into the engine compartment. Do you see lots of light coming through the fire wall? Did you ever wonder where the hot air and the fumes were coming from? Have some RTV, rubber, or whatever ready, and seal up everything as best you can, until you can order the new rubber bits from Tom or Rick. Your wife can help here too, so that you don’t have to climb in and out too often, with your sealer goop all over your hands. Concours judges rarely look under the dash, so it’s probably best to apply the patches here, if you are concerned. Be sure to check the passenger side, too.

In my Tiger, there were openings around the cable harness, and a big gap where the steering column seal had been installed improperly, probably back at the works. I used a large dab of RTV on the harness, and some RTV smeared clothesline rope to seal around the column.

My wife, who had been dreading the thought of a three hour August trip, commented that drive was much nicer than she had expected. The cockpit seemed cooler than it had been under similar conditions, and the air was definitely more breathable.

So, seal your firewall leaks. Your Sunbeam cockpit will be a much more enjoyable place to be, for whatever reason.

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