by Ron Wolverton in the August 1995 RootesReview

Does driving your car onto ramps drive you rampant? Mine did until I made a ramp base.

The Problem

The first problem I had was the ramp would scoot out from under one or both tires. This would occur anytime from first contact to halfway up the ramp. Also the front valance and fender were dangerously close to the ramp before the tire made contact. Third, once getting the tires on the ramps, how to keep from running off the back? I am single so I don’t have a spotter handy on a regular basis.

The Solution

  1. A piece of 2X4 was attached to 3/4″ plywood. The plywood was long enough for the tire to be well up on the wood to hold the whole thing down. I still had to put a piece of old floor mat on the bottom of the plywood. This gives plenty of traction on smooth concrete.
  2. A piece of 2X6 was tall enough to give the needed valance clearance. It was wide enough to keep the tires from trying to creep to the sides. I beveled the ends as shown. It is long enough so that the tires ride up to give the needed clearance for the valance.
  3. A cheap door mirror was purchased at a garage sale. Laid on its side and propped at the appropriate angle, I can see exactly where the car is on the ramps.
  4. Now, if I can just get the car running again and get it off the ramps!


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