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Sunbeam Tiger Stock Class

This guide is meant to provide a quick reference for judges (and owners) of Sunbeam Tigers that are entered in the Stock Class of a Concours d’Elegance. It is not all inclusive, but it does highlight many key features of Sunbeam Tigers, some of which changed in style, finish and fit over the course of production.

This guide is broken down into the five component areas commonly judged during Concours events: Exterior, Interior, Engine Compartment, Trunk and Chassis/Suspension. A short description of a part, component and/or feature is provided, along with a photo(s) depicting the correct configuration.

Judges are assigned to judge a specific component area (exterior, interior, engine etc.) As a precursor to actually performing your judging duties, it is recommended that you walk through and briefly view all the cars in the class. Look at the quality of each focusing on the condition, cleanliness and originality. This approach is useful in developing an overall impression of the cars in the class and those that standout. Be careful; however, do not jump to conclusions…as “the devil is in the details.”

A point to remember…This guide shows correct equipment/features from the factory or dealer. Condition and cleanliness is also an integral part of any Concours event and should be judged separately. Moreover, be on the lookout for non-stock equipment that an owner might have added, such as speakers, extra gauges, and interior or trunk lights.

Many running changes were made throughout the manufacturing process of the Tiger. Some of these changes are not supported by records that provide a specific date or VIN cut-over. The existence of the “transition” chassis (combined square and round corners) is a primary example. Another is the change from the five inch booster to seven inch booster, and the related support bracket and solid line. This did not occur at the 947 to 382 “model” change, but rather well into the Mk1a production sequence. Exactly when, we do not know. Until the availability of a comprehensive list that verifies all production changes, judging the correctness of a stock vehicle can be less than precise. In the absence of more exact records, existing Rootes Group documents, such as the Parts Manuals, and commercial publications, such as the Book of Norman, among others, will serve as the definitive guidance for stock class concours judging. A full listing of these documents and publications is provided below.

  • The Book of Norman by Norman Miller
  • Sunbeam Tiger and Alpine Gold Portfolio (White Tiger on Cover) 1st ed.
  • Tiger, The Making of a Sports Car by Mike Taylor 1st ed.
  • Performance Tuning the Sunbeam Tiger by Gordon Chittenden
  • Tiger, Alpine and Rapier by Richard Langworth
  • Sunbeam Tiger Owner’s Manual
  • Sunbeam Tiger Workshop Manual
  • Parts List Supplement for the Sunbeam 260 and 289
  • Sunbeam Tiger Hi-Performance & Special Accessories Sunbeam Tiger Division, International Automobiles Inc.

The information included in this document, is based upon collective knowledge and documentation available as of February 1, 2019. Due to a combination of manufacturing practices and inconsistent record keeping, discovery of details that will supersede this document is inevitable. When judging, training, or informing others, please check with your local club to ensure you are using the most recent version available.

Stock Tiger Quick Reference

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