Updated Classes and procedures for Concours and Autocross are available here.
(Specific Tiger guidelines start on page 6 of the document. Alpine guidelines follow on page 8.)
Autocross document
Concours document

General Class Guidelines for Both Autocross and Concours

When entering a concours event, it is the responsibility of the car’s owner to place the car in the correct class (stock, personalized or modified), At a United, cars must be entered in the same class for the Concours and the Autocross, if so entered. To assist owners in choosing the correct class the following guidelines are provided. These guidelines identify features which better clarify the differences among the classes. These guidelines are not all inclusive. Owners should note that placing a car in an incorrect class could result in a significant deduction of points during concours judging.


Stock cars should be as close as possible to “as manufactured” by the Rootes Group, its subsidiaries and suppliers or “as sold” by authorized dealers. Dealer available accessories, to include applicable LAT options, as identified in Rootes Group advertising literature, are acceptable.


The Personalized class includes all vehicles whose configuration and appearance is consistent with stock vehicles but these vehicles have visual and/or mechanical engineering changes and have undergone certain practical modifications reflecting the owner’s taste to improve comfort, safety, drivability, appearance or reliability. Moderate performance enhancements over stock condition are also permissible. During concours events, judges should take into account owners’ desired objective, if available, and consider how well it is executed while retaining the spirit, appearance and heritage of the vehicle.


This class includes vehicles with extensive mechanical and/or bodywork modifications to maximize performance, handling or styling. No limitations are placed on an owners’ imaginative and effective use of modern performance products, while retaining safety and reliability. Bodywork and chassis must be from a Rootes Group vehicle. Judges should evaluate on basis of workmanship, engineering and performance potential.

Rare Rootes

This class includes any Rootes vehicle other than Series I-V Alpines and all Tigers. It includes sedans, roadsters, estate wagons, utility, caravans, Rootes authorized or factory prepared race and promotional vehicles and custom coachwork vehicles. If three or more of the same Rootes model is entered in an event a separate class will be established for that event only.

Premier Rootes

For vehicles that have won first place in their class in any national Rootes Marque club event during the previous thirty-six months. This category prevents the same car from winning year after year and is intended to set a higher standard for concours presentation. As such the class is judged based upon the votes of each individual judge. Votes are based on a comparison of vehicles present with consideration given to the class and category the vehicle represents.

Drive and Shine class removed 10-24-2020

posted 2-25-2019