Compiled by Ron Fraser 4/4/2019

In case someone has a problem during a travel time.
I initially sent this out onto the Tiger List to see if there were any corrections or addition;
I received none so hopefully all the numbers are helpful.
I included Rootes hose part numbers and the approximate length of each hose listed.

Upper radiator hose 1224840 superseded by 12298871.5” x 17.5” molded hose
Sunbeam Specialties (SS) - CS20
Gates206861.5 x 24
Gates206261.5 x 21.9
Continental607101.5 x 23
Continental607151.5 x 23
Continental609081.5 x 31
Dayco706271.5 x 20
Napa74591.5 x 24.1
Lower radiator hose 1224841 superseded by 12298771.75” x 13.75” molded hose
Gates210641.75 x 16
Gates207531.75 x 16
Gates210341.75 x 18.2
Gates209571.75 x 18.2
Continental608931.75 x 18.9
Dayco706791.75 x 15
Dayco706821.75 x 15
Dayco -706851.75 x 16.5
Napa77761.75 x 18.2
Napa77751.75 x 2 x 18.2

this hose has a 2” ID at one end which is cut off
Header tank 1224842 superseded by 1229911” x 6.5” straight, superseded by molded hose
Straight 1” heater hose can be used here
Dayco705311 x 7.75
Dayco711961 x 14
Dayco712181 x 12.5
Continental636821 x 9.9
Napa82051 x 14
Header tank steam pipe12248435/16” x 3”
Straight 5/16 heater hose
Continental631005/6 x 15
Header tank overflow pipe92335615/16” black tube length =?
I have no reference here for the length; mine is 21.5” long but I remember cutting off a cracked end
Water pump bypass hose6100290 – C2OZ-8697-A6100948 - Mk II 5/8” molded hose
This hose is available at most auto part stores, Ford Small Block V8 bypass hose
Dayco700015/8 x 3.25
This one seems short to me?
Continental636415/8 x 5
Continental637265/8 x 5
AC Delco1420755/8 x 4 29/32
Gates203355/8 x 4 29/32
Heater core to heater valve2232726½” heater hose molded hose
SSCS12T, MK Iearly water valve - hose w/ 3 bends
SSCS62, Mk IA & Mk IIlater water valve - hose w/ 2 bends
Heater valve to temperature housing1224659 - ½” x 12.5” molded hoseMk II - 1236073
Continental64422½ x 22
Dayco80395½ x 18
Napa9802½ x 12
Napa9803½ x 22
Gates28461½ x 12
Gates28462½ x 22
Heater core to ‘T’ piece2232725½” x 7.6” molded hose
Straight heater hose could be used - care must be taken to avoid kinks
Carb spacer to ‘T’ piece12246815/8” x 5.5” molded hose
Continental630965/8 x 16
Continental632585/8 x 22
Continental638065/8 x 10
Dayco861215/8 x 15.5
Dayco876195/8 x 15
Dayco804005/8 x 6
this one might be short?
Gates187725/8 x 15 11/16
AC Delco -16049M5/8 x 15 11/16
Napa98075/8 x 10
Napa98085/8 x 16
Napa98095/8 x 22
‘T’ piece to water pump12246865/8” heater hose cut to length 5/8” x 19.5”
Engine to temp sender housing5/8” heater hose cut to length approx. 3.25”
Temp sender to carb spacer5/8” heater hose cut to length approx. 3”
Valve cover to air cleaner12248055/8” x 13” molded hose
Choke control breather tube to air cleaner1224893ID - .19” x 1.25”

.19” is near 5mm
This hose should be fuel and oil resistant.
I used 7/32” windshield washer rubber tubing here, extra length maybe required -cut to length.
Fuel flex line junction12248945/16” x 4 - fuel line hose
PCV hose6100538 - C3DE-6A664-A - 8” w/ 1 bend, Mk IA & MK II6100979 - C6AZ-6A664-N- 11” w/ 2 bends
C6AZ-Nhose is available in most 60’s Ford car orientated catalogs
Use C6AZ-Nhose to make the C3DE-A hose, only if you still use the original 90o adaptor fitting
It is not clear when the Tiger engines received the C6AZ-N style update.
Breather pipe - fuel tanks91662523/8” x around 38”

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