Work has begun in earnest to update the TE/AE website and to make it consistent across all pages.

The backend of the new site is a blog platform. If that doesn’t mean anything to you, don’t worry about it.  What does matter is that the new site will be more search engine friendly, to attract new visitors, and search friendly for the users, that’s us!

The whole site will be searchable from a box on each page.  Looking for that article TigerTom wrote about coolant help in a “burping tiger?” Search on a couple words you remember from the last time you read it or search by author or on “coolant” or something else. In addition, we hope to provide for the members some kind of table of contents of the archived  Rootes Reviews.  There is so much valuable information there, but if you don’t know where to look, opening all those pdfs can be tedious, at best.

A particularly cool new thing: you can subscribe to the whole site and then get emails when any new content is added.  In this early part of the process, you might get one  email a day. But then you’ll have the opportunity to reread content you might have missed before.

At the end of most articles there will be a comment box. That will be an easy place to ask questions about the specific article or to add your two cents to the info presented.  All the comments will be moderated to keep spam out of the mix.  The website committee will make an effort to contact the original author to request answers to questions. AND in addition, other readers can add their expertise to the mix.

These comments will make the site more interactive, but they will not take the place of the forums which Eric Smyder recently updated. Please check out the changes there.

We’ll be adding a searchable data base of members that is ONLY available to other members. You can include info about your cars or your life. You can include a photograph of your self, or your family and your car, just your car, or one of the old west if you like. You can maintain this profile yourself. So as things change, you can let your friends in the club know.

We want to update and confirm the list of vendors and the links to other clubs. We’ll be adding a form that people can fill out if they’ve heard of an event the rest of the club might be interested in.

If you have any ideas about what we should add to the site or how you’d like to see it work better, please drop a note to me (ke***@ma**********.com)

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Hi Eric and Kerch,

In general I like what I see! Is it possible to add dynamics insead of the static Rootes Group car picture, particularly in the home page.
See fe. where they show different cars continously. This would make it more Rootes and less just Alpine & Tiger…if we would feature all Rootes cars equally?
Just an idea.

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