New and more comprehensive Autocross rules are updated and downloadable here. The document is shown below.

Autocross rules were published in 2003 and again in 2009 with the help of those listed below.

By John Logan and Jim Morrison

We have developed new TE/AE Autocross Rules to give our members a clear and concise reference to use in determining what class their cars should participate in and how their cars may be modified to conform to a particular class. We hope that the new rules will reduce confusion and inspire participation in autocrossing. The general approach to the new TE/AE Autocross Rules was to develop them specifically for the variety of Sunbeams owned by members of TE/AE and to differentiate classes by those things that make the most difference in autocross performance. SCCA rules were used as a reference.

Thanks go to the following members who provided SCCA rulebooks, reviewed the drafts and gave us their opinions as we developed these new rules.

Jim Anderson
Anthony Batista
Stu Brennan
Thomas E. Calvert
Ted Casey
Tom Ehrhart
Dan Fitzgerald
Doug Jennings
Doug Jennings, Jr.
John Logan, Jr.
Carl Moon
Mark Petri
Barry Schonberger
Scott Woerth

We have available both a summary of the classification rules and the full rules document for your review here on the website or you may obtain a hard copy by contacting one of us.

We are inviting your comments so that we can modify the rules to best satisfy the wishes of our members. Please read the complete rules through carefully and if you have concerns or suggestions, provide them to us as soon as possible. We plan to use these rules at the 2005 United autocross.

You may contact us at:

John Logan
24444 Emerson St
Dearborn, MI 48124
Jim Morrison
60 Bartons Way
Concord, MA 01742

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