by Gary W. Schotland in the September 1994 RootesReview

Yes, that classic aluminum racing wheel from the 60’s, the Minilite, is once again being produced in England using the original tooling. They’re available through Sports & Classics (no relation to me) at 203-655-8731 for $170 each for either 13×6’s or 14×6’s. (Ed note: see Sports & Classics website.  Prices have changed since 1994 too!) Other sizes are available from 10 to 18 inches.

If you must have the ultimate and have money to burn, magnesium Minilites are $600(!) each. (But Honey, they’re going to make my car go so much faster!) While over in England recently for the Mini 35th anniversary, I had the opportunity to check out the “new” Minilites first hand and was quite impressed. You won’t be disappointed with the quality.

What? You want a set by Friday? Put that credit card down. Sports & Classics doesn’t stock them, so be prepared wait up three months. If (you) simply can’t wait that long, consider buying them directly from England. Airmail typically takes less than two weeks. Going direct may only be worth the time and effort for the magnesium wheels or if you’re buying more than one set of the aluminum wheels, but check it out to be sure. I know from experience that shipping from “across the pond” can be quite expensive. And of course, always use a credit card to protect yourself

Their address, telephone, and fax number are:
Minilite Wheels Ltd./Tech-Del Ltd.
Unit 2, Eversley Way
Thorpe Industrial Estate
Egham, Surrey TW20 8RG

Tel: 011-44-784-433446
Fax· 011-44-784-439547

(Ed note: see also Minilite Wheels US:

An equally attractive and somewhat less expensive alternative is the more common Japanese-made Panasport brand wheel, which is very similar to the Minilite. They are also available from Sports & Classics for $136 each for 13×6’s and $153 each for 14×6’s, as well as from a number of other sources such as Rod Millen Motorsport in Huntington Beach, CA. I’ve had a set on my car for three years and have absolutely no qualms about recommending them to any classic car owner.

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