L17 – Mounting Tubes with Wire Wheels

by Ken Beck in the January 2007 RootesReview: This is a short tech article that may clear up some misconceptions about the “don’t put tubes in a tubeless tire” rumor. First of all, who do you go to when you have your new tires put on your wire wheels? The tire shop down the street (more…)

L16 – Wheels (& Tires)

by Louis Brown in the September and October 1991 RootesReview: I set out to see if I couldn’t find some inexpensive wheels to support some bigger tires for my 1965 Sunbeam Tiger. Inexpensive wheels meant visits to the local junk yard. My findings bring no great revelations, but I think the information will be useful. (more…)

L15 – Determining Tire Age

by Ron Fraser in the May 2006 RootesReview: When it comes to determining the age of a tire, it is easy to identify when a tire was manufactured by reading its tire identification code (serial number). Unlike vehicle identification numbers (VINs) that specify one particular vehicle, tire identification codes are really batch codes that identify (more…)

L14 – Tiger Wheels

by Alex Gabbard in the October 1995 RootesReview The question has been raised concerning what wheels were used on the Tiger through factory or dealer options. At the expense of rehashing some of what is general knowledge of some people, the following is as complete as I have been able to put together and has (more…)

L13 – Wire (Road) Wheel Tip

by Claude Wynre in the July , 1995 RootesReview For you Sunbeam owners who have wire wheels. For years I had problems with a clunk sound in the rear end whenever I started forward to backwards in my Sunbeam Alpine with wire wheels. One shop even “overhauled” the rear end at no small cost and (more…)

L1 – Tire Selection

by Steve Hansen Now that our Alpines and Tigers are between twenty-five and thirty years old, they are probably not riding on their original 6. 00 X 13 Dunlops any longer. Still for those who may be interested in upgrading their Sunbeam’s shoes, a short primer on some of the considerations involved may be in (more…)

L2 – Balancing of Wire Wheels

If you are having trouble getting your wire wheels properly balanced, or feel that there are too many weights on them, you might have a problem with the. method in which the wheels are mounted on the balancing machine. Many unbalance problems do start with the incorrect mounting on the balancer. The following pictures show (more…)

L3 – Wire Wheels

MGB 14″ wire wheels slide right on the existing splines and clear the fenders when used with 175 x 70 tires. They have the advantages of lowering the engine R.P.M. for any given speed, raising the car slightly and having a better appearance.

L4 – Stock Wheels

by Stu Brennan In the late summer, I received a call from George Levin, a member of the Sunbeam Tiger Owners Club (England) from Glasgow, Scotland. He was visiting the Boston area and had been given my name by the staff of the Museum of Transportation in Brookline, where we hold the British Car Day (more…)

L5 – A Wire Wheel Quicky

by Steve Finberg An excellent instant replacement for worn or missing spoke liner can be made from an FR14 inner tube cut 2″ wide. This can be made from an old “dead” tube, probably available for free, in the tire shop’s junkpile. This is especially convenient when the need is discovered at the last moment. (more…)