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      11/03/2023 Listing $3,700 located in Denver Colorado
      1966 Sunbeam Tiger shell & parts bill of sale only, has JAL, correct # matching locks, TAC’ed
      Orig. build info: 1966 Tiger B382001191 LRXFE JAL: 661179 Paint: 39 Carnival Red keys: RM908/FS953 TAC inspection # 1285
      This is a major project for sure but I have seen worse restored beautifully. As found, right.
      door had good gaps and opened, closed great – even sounded better than my own Tiger.
      My assumption is this car is a low mileage car and was wrecked long ago and kept for parts.
      IMO will need front clip with right front frame rail replaced, left front and rear frame
      straightening, left rear quarter panel, plus some (but not that bad) rust repairs. All square
      corner Mk1a, TAC authenticated shell – a true Humpty Dumpty Tiger resto opportunity.
      Floors, undercarriage, frame, rockers firewall look solid. Interior side of trans has some
      rust plus cut a bit at shifter area – unfortunate but fixable. Car looks rough but a
      good foundation to restore or use for major body components to fix another Tiger.
      Currently car would only roll on rear axle, will need a dolly of sorts on front to move.
      Parts Included: original JAL plate, ID tag restamped, orig # locks with repo key set
      Tiger sheet metal (engine cmpt, firewall, trans tunnel, etc)
      doors, trunk, hood, cowel vents, windshield, conv. Frame ..
      spare: left rear 1/4 panel, left & right front fenders
      hinges, door handles, trunk latch, master cylinders
      Alpine rear end bolted to car currently using Tiger springs/hardware
      pan hard rod, drive shaft, rear trans mount, motor mounts
      Tiger front suspension (missing steering rack and pinion)
      steering column, steering dog bone, front hubs/rotors, calipers
      wiper & heater parts, fuel pump w/bracket, gas pedal, dash core
      side trim, wiring, gas pedal, plus more I am not remembering

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      Seems I am unable to attach a picture, have also posted on CAT, SAOCA and FaceBook which do have pictures

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      Mike Schreiner

        I have a pretty solid rolling Alpine shell for sale in florida …..Round corner (But can switch out a square corner hood and doors if needed)….was an alpine GT so I think it has the OD rear end in it……….Just a stripped shell….floors rusted , good front and rear clip…hood and trunk…….Can post pictures later $600 and get it out of my yard……perfect for repairing a wrecked or rusted Tiger or Alpine

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        Mike Schreiner

          My (normal) file size would not load here on the pictures…..but you can see pictures of the car on the SACA forum….(they loaded just fine)

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          Still for sale, found some time to pull out parts, take some pictures to post – there are more parts that I did not get to yet. Negotiable on price.

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          Guys, the site limits attachment sizes, you can find instructions to resize pictures here:post-81436

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