Valve Cover Racing is coming to the BASH again in 2015

John Miller EntryWhat’s a valve cover race?
Think Pine Wood derby for Sunbeam enthusiasts.

Take your favorite valve or side cover, add wheels and go racing. Bring yours to the BASH and find out if it is a winner.

Test-n-Tune from Noon
Runoffs start about 3 PM

Valve Cover Racing Rules:

Valve Covers

  • No propulsion mechanisms or moving weights. Covers must have four wheels with non-metallic surface contacting the track.
  • Wheels can be attached to the cover in any manner and can not extend past front of valve cover.
  • Covers shall be actual valve or side (flat heads) cover from an automobile engine.
  • Appearance alterations encouraged


  • 30 inch maximum length.
  • 15 inch maximum width.
  • 10 inch maximum height.
  • 10 pounds maximum.
  • Lowest valve cover surface ¾” or more above track surface

Race Track

Miller and Wes CarsTrack is two lanes. A valve cover is started with their front wheels on the starting line rail in each lane. Start line rail for both lanes is dropped at the same time. Both covers coast to finish line. The winner is the first cover to have its front wheels cross the finish line. If neither cover makes it to the finish line, the car going the furthest in its lane wins. Leaving lane is a disqualification.

Racing  Process

A heat consists of one valve cover in each lane racing to finish line. Valve covers swap lanes and run again, constituting one heat. The same two valve covers run heats until one wins the most. The winning valve cover will advance to the next heat. Heats will continue until all valve covers are eliminated except one.

This is the car to beat!Classes

  • Young Sunbeamer: 18 and under
  • Wild Sunbeamer : 19 thru 65
  • Tired Sunbeamer: 66-n-older

This is the Cover to beat > > > >

Entry  Fee:  None  As  In  Free.

Participants are encouraged to:

  • Personalize appearance of valve covers
  • Install guards for wheels
  • Provide capability to make minor steering corrections.

INFO: Tom Ehrhart **@ti*******.net (717) 832-1116

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