Tech Sessions

We are in the planning stage of the Technical Sessions for the United and the following description will give you an idea on what may happen. There will undoubtedly be changes based on the final availability of presenters and equipment.

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Friday at 1:00 PM, our daily technical presentations will start in the garage with Carl Moon describing his process of “Alpine Valve Adjustment” and “Stromberg Carburetor Synchronization”, followed by Jim Ellis’s demonstration of “Alpine Tune Up”. Concurrently, for the Tiger owners, Chuck King will describe his latest “The Shroud Of Idling” and Ron Fraser will show how to “Convert the Tiger Generator to an Alternator”.

Also at 1:00 PM Friday, Wanda King will conduct a “Ladies Tech Session” on knitting.

On Saturday at 2:30 PM, the renowned Sunbeam restorer Doug Jennings will describe his process of turning a Sunbeam “From a Beater Car to a Show Winner”. There will be a slide presentation plus a question and answer period with the help of a panel of experts

Sunday at 3 :30 PM, Anthony DiBattista will give a demonstration on “How The Forum Works” followed by Joe Parlanti’s description of “Powder Coating”.

As time permits, Joe Parlanti may describe door panel restoration and Tom Ehrhart may discuss “Component Repair” using illustrations of Sunbeam parts.

John Logan 06/29/05

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