Tigers East / Alpines East United XXV

Alexandria Bay, New York — Thousand Islands

Hi Rootes and Sunbeam Enthusiasts,

You are invited to attend this year’s Annual Tigers East / Alpines East United XXV on August 26 to 28, 2005.

    The Auto cross at this years United will be Sunday August 28 at the St. Lawrence Motorsport Park. In Morristown, NY. Yes, a real race track, with flush toilets, food concession, and a great hillside viewing area!

    We have teamed up with the sports car club of Vermont, they have an auto cross a few times a year at the track.

    TE/AE member David Kellogg has agreed to be our auto cross chairman. I’m sure
    we will have a fun course that will be fair for Tigers and Alpines. Click here for autocross guidelines and rules. If you aren’t bringing a Sunbeam, you can still autocross your Honda, BMW, etc. We will use the lower part of the track for the auto cross. In the afternoon, the whole road course will be opened for cars with roll
    bars to do a few hot laps.

    Have you ever driven a 125cc shifter kart? Rentals will be available in the afternoon. The price for the auto cross is only $25.00 and approved helmets will be available to borrow.

    Check the registration form to enter the auto cross.

  • Women’s Tech Session (Knitting Lessons)
    We invite ALL owners to display their Rootes vehicles as a group for all to
    enjoy and experience. For those who wish to present their cars to the scrutiny
    of a judging process, we invite you to participate in the CONCOURS d’ELEGANCE

This year we’re going North to Upstate New York, Alexandria Bay in the thousand Islands Region along, on, and maybe in the St. Lawrence River.

United XXV is of course the 25th Anniversary for TE /AE, a silver anniversary.  The date in late August was chosen to be your family’s summer vacation destination.

The Thousand Islands— St. Lawrence River region in Up-State New York has a rich heritage, wonderful attractions, and spectacular scenery.

Alexandria Bay is in the heart of the Thousand Islands, it is truly where romance and mystery meet the river.

One thousand islands sounds like a lot but it’s officially 1860 islands. Most of the islands have summer homes on them. Some are not more than sheds but some are magnificent castles! For example, in 1900, George Boldt, millionaire proprietor of the world famous Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City, set out to build a full-size Rhineland Castle on Heart Island, The 120 room structure was to be a monument of his love for his wife, Louise.

There is still another castle down river that is known as Singer Castle on Dark Island. Construction of Singer Castle began in 1896 by the president of the Singer Sewing Machine Company. Both castles are now open to the public for touring.

Two castles not enough for you? There is another place known as Bonnie Castle built in 1878 by author J. G. Holland, founder and editor of Scribner’s Monthly Magazine. It’s considered to be on the mainland but it does have water all around it. (It’s an Island!)

The host resort will be the Bonnie Castle Resort, on the shore of the St. Lawrence River overlooking Raft Castle and Sunken Rock Lighthouse. Other sports car clubs have used the Bonnie Castle Resort for events and car shows.

Of course, all the usual Sunbeam activities expected at a United have been planned: A fun road rallye to a nearby lighthouse, parts room, hospitality night club, Concours D’Elegance at The Antique Boat Museum in Clayton, N.Y. 15 miles west of the resort, Autocross at St. Lawrence Motorsport Park in Morristown, NY, 25 miles east of the resort with the Sports Car Club of Vermont. Antique boat rides, Tech Sessions, Awards Banquet, Door Prizes, and Riverboat Dinner Cruise will be included.

Family activities can include river tours to legendary Bolt Castle and Singer Castle, Mini Golf, go carts, a hedgerow maze, batting cages, and Aqua Zoo. Shopping in Downtown Alexandria Bay, there are 32 golf courses in the area, Drive-in Movie, local car club cruise-in, fishing, boating, scuba diving at a ship wreck, tennis, 2 pools at the resort, a beach on the river, and much more!

Did you know there were sports car road races in Alexandria Bay from 1936 to 1940? It was a 1.4 mile race circuit that ran through downtown, known as the “Round the Houses Race.”

I have thought for several years that the Thousand Islands would be a great location for a United and hope you agree. Why should you come to this United? O.K.’ the 25th United is one reason you should bring a Sunbeam a here. A great location is another. Some of you have been to every United and I don’t have to sell it to you but maybe some of you haven’t been to a United in a while. Maybe you are thinking, “Same old thing, been there, done that, you are getting older, the Sunbeam is getting older.” If you’ve ever been to one United, you already know the best part is the people, seeing old friends and meeting new ones.

A Sunbeam United is a convention for people interested in meeting and socializing with people that have a common interest in Rootes and Sunbeam Cars. No, it isn’t necessary to bring a Sunbeam car but obviously, doing so will enhance your experience. No, it doesn’t have to be a “show car,” if it’s unrestored or unfinished, you can still win a prize and have fun.

Your host for the “Rootes To The River” United XXV is twenty plus years member, John Miller III. I’ve done the planning, but I know I can’t pull off a great United without help from the club members. Some members have already contacted me to volunteer, I will ask some more members to help by chairing the big events like Registration, Car Show, Hospitality, Tech Sessions, parts Room, and Autocross.

Mark your calendars for August 26-28, 2005 for United XXV!
United XXV HOT LINE: John Miller, III (315) 347-3414, or ka*********@td*.net

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