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With the United fast approaching, let’s take a moment to reflect on the Canadian event of last year. First, a special thank you to all the companies who supported TE/AE, SSOCC United 13 in Toronto (October 4-7, 1990). Remember–these folks supported us please support them:

  • Auto Graphics
  • General Mills Restaurants
  • Beverly Hills Motoring Accessories
  • Sunbeam Sportscar Owners Club of Canada
  • Sunbeam Spares
  • Concours Automotive
  • Jacobs Electronics
  • Fel Pro
  • Super Ford Magazine
  • Tiger Auto Service
  • Tiger Tom
  • Armor All
  • TE/AE

We also have the following results from the Concours D’Elegance:


  1. Fubi Kubayashi
  2. Gordon Foss
  3. Ken Bishop


  1. Tom Stoyle
  2. Denny Poorman
  3. Bill Barnett


  1. Jean Trace
  2. Joanne Ehrhart
  3. Dan Hodges


  1. Marshall Cleve
  2. Martyrs Tripp
  3. Gordon Foss


  1. John Logan
  2. Lloyd Mike
  3. Mike Maguire


  1. Jamie Broad

Popular Vote


  1. Randy Stenson
  2. Tom Stoyle
  3. Gary Bollard


  1. Marshall Cleve
  2. Dan Hodges
  3. Joanne Ehrhart

United 13 Toronto Autocross

by Barry S chonberger
1990 Autocross broke from traditions and brought competitors together on Friday afternoon at the Canadian Forces Base, Toronto. The result was an increased number of entries and an opportunity to present trophies and the Keith Porter awards at Saturday’s banquet. Nineteen cars took to the short course, allowing for ten timed runs in five categories.

SSOCC members Ron Stein and Wolf Kaufmann coordinated the site, insurance and pylon gathering.

Barry Schonberger and Jeff Jackson provided final course design, setup, timing equipment and event operations. The course started out from a dead stop with the timing lights some twenty feet ahead leading into the only straight on the course. A hard jab on the brakes and you were ready for a tight left hand turn, followed by another chance for acceleration. Now, comes the difficult part of the course with a 110 degree left hand turn leading into a set of two chicans into the finish.

With the Sunbeam’s handling characteristics, those who charged into this corner found themselves pushing to the outside of the turn and losing speed entering the chican. Those who put on the brakes entered the corner wide and late apexed the inside cone, found that they could give up a little speed going in but gain a lot coming out and through the chican. The finish called for a good line also. A little off and too fast would cause you to hit a cone after the finish, resulting in a DNF for that run. The early runs in all classes started out in the 14 second range.

There was one exception, Wally Swift turned in quick 13 second runs immediately. In the stock Tiger class, Tom Stoyle, Tom Calvert, Randy Stenson and Bryan Cullingford had all showed their teeth a potential challengers for the class and for the Keith Porter trophies. In the end, Tom Calvert (13.467) edged out Bryan Cullingford (13.503) on his last run by .036 of a second for first place. Third went to Randy Stenson (13.635), fourth to Tom Stoyle (14.283) and fifth to a gentleman who came out of retirement and stated at the awards ceremony, “I’m back!” Bill Barnett (14.375).

In stock Alpine, Rick McLeod (15.850) drove Joanne Ehrhart’s car to win over James McKinnon (17.07). This was Jim’s first Autocross, and he improved on every run to knock off a total of five seconds over the ten runs. I’m sure we will see him again.

As the event progressed, attention was shifted to Modified Tiger and Modified Alpine. Henry (Hank) Ward and Wally Swift kept exchanging FTD (fastest time of day) with every run. At the end of eight runs, we took a break before we finished up with two final attempts at the course. After eight runs, Wally Swift had FTD with a time of 13.094. On his next to last run, Hand Ward timed a 13.012. Wally responded with a 12.762, but he hit a DNF cone after the finish. Hank dropped his time again on his final run for a 12.951 and first in the Modified Tiger Class. The pressure was now on Wally Swift to repeat his time without a cone. All eyes were focused on Wally as he attacked the course. Around the 110 degree turn without a push, through the chican and across the finish line. No cones, a clean run. There was silence as the crowd waited for the announcer to read the time. Wally “Iceman” Swift had done it under pressure with an even faster time of 12.595 for FTD and a class win in Modified Alpine. Second in Modified Tiger was John Lugan (14.306).

Saturday evening at the awards ceremony, those who placed received their trophies, and Robyn Quinter and Tom Calvert presented the Keith Porter Awards to Hank Ward for the fastest Tiger and Wally Swift for the fastest Alpine.

Thank you to the SSOCC for sponsoring the autocross and all of the competitors for a great day of competition.

Additional Sunbeam times:

  • Craig Hanna 14.633
  • Gord Foss 14.723
  • John Quinter 14.632
  • Ken Bishop 14.663
  • Tony Martin 16.310


  • David Foss 13.750 (V8Z)
  • Tom Ehrhart 14.741 (“Tiger” truck)
  • Ernest Sutton 15.390 (Cricket)
  • Mort Vompa 16.994 (Mustang)

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