Click on the images for larger view… but not too much, these are old pictures!

Pictures – Set 1 (below)

  1. All lined up and ready to go…
  2. Fabulous 50 was a grrreat stop- & nostalgia plus: a real drive in
  3. (not a pick up window) with roller skating car hops!
  4. The Hall of Fame Museum was a favorite stop covering a lifetime of racing history.
  5. The Children’s Museum brought out the kid in everybody.
  6. Everywhere we went the welcome sign was displayed.

Pictures – Set 2 (below)

  1. Katie Kathmann and Linda Smith & prepare for registration at its best (and busiest).
  2. Even more preparation
  3. Which one is selling insurance? Neither, Dave Johnson (and daughter) go over registration details with Barry Schonberger.
  4. Our registrar map “pin pointed” attendees’ origins.
  5. Part swapping can be invigorating or relaxing (caught you Dave!).
  6. No, it’s not a pit crew or track spectators …it’s some of our speakers doing their warm up exercises for Tech Session’s Comp Seminar.

Pictures – Set 3

  1. Brian Boyer’s blue MkII drove in from MD to join the United concours fun.
  2. Racer’s Row was a favorite among concours viewers.
  3. Dr. & Mrs. Bruney have an immaculate engine compartment in their Harrington LeMans.
  4. Gene Boone’s Most Popular and #1 Modified Tiger shows the other side of the Sunbeam coin.
  5. This Alpine adds an interesting angle to body style on a Sunbeam.
  6. Teddy Ax and his Sunbeam application of James Bond was certainly a hit.

Pictures – Set 4

  1. Tigers and more tigers were in Indy, and this one was just about everyone’s favorite–any clues to his/her ID? Aw come on, didn’t anyone get a pew print from this CAT?
  2. The Ken Bishop family enjoying United X.
  3. California `Beaming–Dan Walters, Mary Lou & Bernie Zelmanski, Darrell Brunn, Jo &,Keith Queen, Carol Mancini$ Rick McLeod, Tom McDaniels, Margot & Frank Simms, Dennis Mancini and Shawn Mahn made the trip east from CA (picture is minus Shawn).
  4. Tiger Joe enjoyed his United birthday (and cake).
  5. Speaking of cake…the official banquet dessert did not last long!
  6. Mike Smith puts his Hellings crew to work tallying votes.
  7. El & Dave Lawler were surprised with a 25th anniversary award.
  8. Joanne & Tom Ehrhart, Mike Smith and Wally Swift are the only ‘Beamers who made it to all ten Uniteds.

Pictures – Set 5

  1. A much photographed track sign.
  2. Little people need and want Tigers, too.
  3. Sunbeams were not the only mode of transportation at this Indy United.
  4. Bill Miller and his X=race Tiger showing of some track mechanics to Rick McLeod.
  5. Ladies & gentlemen, start your engines….
  6. A very wet Sunbeam lineup waited for the water sport, whoops, auto Sport (autocross, of course!).

Pictures – Set 6

  1. Banquet time–full house (225+).
  2. John & Katie Kathmann present the Lord Rootes trophy to
  3. Tom & Kathy Culvert (with son, Jim Culvert and Mike Smith as appreciative observers).
    And the First Place Winners–
  4. Gene Boone – Modified Sunbeam & Most Popular Tiger.
  5. Scott Woerth – Stock Tiger.
  6. Joanne Ehrhart – Stock Alpine.
  7. Ron Heinz – Personalized Tiger.
  8. Steve Masse – Personalized Alpine.
  9. Larry Marzano – Comp Tiger
  10. Bert Szulc – Most Popular Alpine.

Pictures – Set 7

  1. The track drive was the icing on the cake for just about everyone.
  2. Dave Johnson takes our friendly Tiger for a Tiger ride on the track.
  3. Sunbeam fans wait for the tour bus.
  4. Barry Schonberger sizes up tires for his autocrossing at the Hall of Fame museum.
  5. General membership meetings always draw an interested group.
  6. John Kathmann sloshes through the autocross.

Comments (3)

Now I can come out of the closet!!! That Tiger in the photos at this and other TE/AE events was yours truly.
I still have the suit and the two Tigers that I’ve owned for several years.
At one of the events, in order to throw off any suspicions of the Identity of the Tiger, I had my son, Mike, dress up in the outfit so that we both appeared at the same time.
Maybe I’ll join up with the group once again.
Mike Mooney

Hey Mike, I knew it was you all along, remember I used to help you get into your suit at United X. It was a great experience following you in my MKII all the way from NYC and back and the event was a lot of fun. Unfortunately I sold my Tiger a couple of years after that but I still try to keep up with the latest on the mark. Please contact me if you read this comment so we can cath up on the latest 20 plus years.
Merry Christmas !!

Pedro Posadas

Man I was skinny back then and that is Dave and me entertaining my daughter. It was a great experience hosting a United in such a fantastic location. The drive around the track was a lifetime experience. As a result of some enthusiastic Tiger owners I am not sure if our ban from the track was life time or or not. Having our west coast brothers join us was very special. Barry

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