British Car Day Field
Show filed at British Car Day, Oakville, ON, September 18, 2022

Concours Awards

Stock Tiger

  • 1st Place   Jack Sawyer

Modified Tiger

  • 1st Place   Chris Koss

Personalized Tiger

  • 1st Place   Tom Hillmann
  • 2nd  Place  Barry Nameth
  • 3rd Place    Rick Lara

Premier Rootes  

  • Jean & Bob Webb
    Harrington Lemans 

Stock Alpine

  • 1st Place   Tiger Tom Ehrhart

Modified Alpine

  • 1st Place   André Beaulieu

Personalized Alpine

  • 1st Place   Marshall Cleve
  • 2nd Place   Don Watson

Rare Rootes

  • 1st Place   Rod Patriquin

Popular Choice Awards:
tallied by the British Car Day committee

  • Most Popular Alpine: Tom & Joanne Ehrhart – 1963 Carnival Red Series 3 Alpine GT
  • Most Popular Tiger: Barry Nameth – 1965 Carnival Red Sunbeam Tiger MkI
  • Most Popular Rare Rootes: Rod Patriquin – 1959 black and gold Singer Gazelle Series 3

Long distance also awarded by BCD: Rod Patriquin who drove his 1959 black and gold Singer Gazelle Series 3 from Nova Scotia, CA

cars iin autocross lineup

Autocross Results

We had 9 entries but only 4 actually finished the course

Modified Tiger Class

  • Ron Stein          63.894     
    Also Fastest Time of the Day

Personalized Tiger Class

  • John Logan, Jr 63.946              (Only .052 Seconds behind Ron)
  • Brian Farge      64.666
  • John Miller       92.305
  • Phil Ashmore  113.336

Club Awards

Keith Porter Tiger: Ron Stein

Keith Porter Alpine: Not awarded

Wally Swift Award: Phil Ashmore
See short video below

Hard Luck Award: Joe and Kerch McConlogue