by Tom Ehrhart in the August 1977 RootesReview:

The removal of Tiger/Alpine scripts and side molding is made easier by the use of a sharp putty knife. It won’t chip the paint or dent the molding because the stress is spread over a larger area than with a screwdriver. It slips under the script and molding much easier, too.


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How can I get the bottom windshield stainless trim on my 67 Alpine to fit? I installed a new windshield from Vickie Brit. and the one-piece rubber from Rick. The side pieces stick out at the bottom and the bottom ss moulding sits out about 3/8 inch. It seats OK in the center. The top of the trim went in OK. I called Rick for advice and he said he had another guy call back with this problem a couple of weeks ago. He said the rubber mldg. was made on original tooling so he didn’t know why I”m having a problem.

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