For 289 and 302 CID engines, Ford offered a number of “Staged” performance improvement packages. Using two-throat 289 CID as a base:

STAGE 1A would add 28 hp by mounting a high-riser manifold and 600 cfm Holley Carb.

STAGE 1B, which provides 33 additional horsepower–could be had from installation of hydraulic camshaft #C9AX.  (see Note)

STAGE 2, which makes little or no difference to performance, because of a lowered compression ratio calls for the 351 Windsor cylinder heads.

STAGE 3 which offers a total of 103.hp increase over the base 289 engine, is accomplished by installing high compression pistons, under 351 Windsor heads in combination with all previous stages

STAGE 4A could add 131 hp to the base engine by installation of mechanical cam #C7FE. (see Note)

STAGE 4B, jumping a 289 to 139 hp over base engine, results from installation of better flowing GT40 valves.

STAGE 5 will provide a total of 150 hp increase from the use of 302 CID stroker kit.

STAGE 6 (my own suggestion) Install a supercharger–BUT WHERE WILL IT FIT?

… excerpted from Bill Carroll’s Ford V8 Performance Guide, submitted by Jim Cronin and published in the June 1977 RootesReview
NOTE: STAGE 1B and 4B Cam Shafts: These cam shafts are no longer in production. You may find one through the Ford A.I.M., parts locater system.

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