United X 1986

by T. T. Cantwin

As basic as the Alpine and Tiger are, there is always an abundance of new ideas, patches and new/old timers willing to share in their knowledge. The tech tip session was organized by Tiger Auto’s Doug Jennings this year. Dave Johnson volunteered to put together a mini tech tip manual to pass out, and he did. (Pass out the manual, not pass out.) Oh well, we’ll pass on this.

Bill Miller, previous STOA president now captured in the TE/AE land of Tennessee, gave a presentation on “rack-n-pinion” rebuild. His recommendation–don’t give it to a professional who has_the_spare parts to do it correctly.

Dave Reina, using an actual ragtop frame and a new ragtop, went through the motions reviewing the tricks of installing a top.

Tom Patton, driver/owner of TangTeam Tiger and manager of Somerel Tire in Cincinnati, OH, gave us the latest scoop on tire sizes, fitment in and outside our fenderwells, rims, offset considerations. Tom knows all about tires. He gets around–pun intended.

Along with these speakers Doug and some others fielded general question and answers from all in attendance. And most owners at the meet were at the session.

After what seemed like too short a time, never enough time to talk about our prodigal hobby, Doug and Tiger Tom split up the Tiger and Alpine owners and went off into the corners to discuss their peculiarities (Doug with the Tiger owners and Tom with the Alpine owners).

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