from the April 1982 RootesReview:

Q: What do the letters after the chassis number signify?

A:  These letters give information on the way the car was equipped by the factory, where it was intended for sale, and what the body type was. If the car was equipped with certain options, these were indicated by letter code after the chassis number, such as:

E – Rootes Easidrive automatic

BW – Borg Warner automatic

OD – overdrive

GT – Grand Turismo (or GT model)

POS – power steering

H – high compression

M – medium compression

L – low compression

The next letter indicates where the car was to be sold, the codes are:

L – left-hand drive export model (most of our cars)

H – right-hand drive home market

R – right-hand drive export model

X- CKD (‘kit form’) left-hand drive export model

W – CKD right-hand drive export model

E – CKD riqht-hand drive home market specs for export

The next letter codes translate into:

C – convertible

H – hardtop

P – pick-up

R – roadster

S -saloon

U – station wagon (estate car)

V – van

X – chassis only

The next letters codes are:

H – Ministry of Supply

O – standard

P – police specs

X – non-standard

(Note: The numeral “3” also was used in this spot to indicate the car was equipped with a small bore engine for Bermuda.)

Tigers have an additional two letters FE for Ford engine. Most Alpines in the United States would have their chassis from number suffixed LRX, while most Tigers are suffixed LRXFE.

Q:  What is the small plate with three letters and six numbers?

A:  That is the assembly line plate. The three letters tell line produced the car — JAL is for Jensen and SAL for Sunbeam.

Q:  My Alpine has a plate on the left-hand side of the motor that was painted over by a previous owner. What information was on the plate?

A:  This would be a replacement engine plate. It shows (or showed) the cylinder oversize and the crank undersize.

Q:  Where is the engine number plate

A:  Tigers have them on the valve cover (N/S) and Alpines have them on the block above the fuel pump (O/S).

Q:  What are the different color codes? I was told my car was the wrong color.

A:  Sunbeam had about 130 different color codes, but not all were used on Alpines and Tigers. The colors that were used are:

1 – Embassy Black

9 – Metallic Grey

11 – Thistle Grey

19 – Moonstone

30 – Seacrest Green

39 – Carnival Red

40 – Glen Green

52 – Lake Blue

53 – Wedgewood Blue

58 – Midnight Blue

61 – Quartz Blue Metallic

67 – Light Green Metallic

68 – Autumn Gold Metallic

76 – Balmoral Grey

86 – Forest Green (BRG)

92 – Artie White

100 – Mediterranean Blue

102 – Oxford Blue

106 – Commodore Blue

107 – Holly Green

108 – Polar White

109 – Orchid Green

122 – Signal Red

127 – Turquoise Blue Metallic

130 – Gunmetal Metallic

Playmate Pink was not a standard Tiger color, it cost an additional $850.

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Saw a 1966 Sunbeam Alpine online, says that it’s a Tiger the only i could see was an indentification plate that was stamped SAL 601580, any help?

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