by John Wotring in the August 1979 RootesReview

Many people pay too much attention to the diameter of their sway bars. They should pay a little more attention to bushings in which the sway bar is mounted. The rubber bushings in which your front sway bar is mounted allow the bar to be very sloppy. The sway bar’s reaction time is slowed down and your car’s handling suffers.

I have solved this problem on my car with solid sway bar bushings of DELRON (a self-lubricating nylon-type material.) DELRON is very easy to work with and you only need a jig saw, files, and a drill press. By installing a solid sway bar bushing, the sway bar’s effectiveness will increase by as much as 50%. Believe it or not, this change will not give your car a harsh or stiff ride. What you will notice is a pleasant change in the car’s attitude.

The Tiger and Alpine front sway bars actually twist when the suspension is in motion. The DELRON bushings allow the bar to move more freely, rubber bushings will bind the bar’s movement. With the addition of a rear sway bar, you will have a flat handling car with a good ride.

And just think, you won’t have to relocate suspension points, get special springs made, cross breed your Tiger with a Jaguar, or paint your sway bar orange. (You will have to paint the DELRON black for stock appearance though, since it comes white.) Those other systems may work, but are usually expensive and very impractical. The materials for my sway bar bushing method should cost about $10.00.


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