from the May, 1995 RootesReview

My car “clunks” when I take off from a start. What could this be?

U-joint problems

Probably your universal joint (u-joint) is worn out. The Tiger uses TRW part number 020049. Any jobber should be able to cross reference the TRW to the brand they carry. The Alpine unit can be purchased at Canadian Tire. I believe it is the same unit that is used in many of the smaller English cars such as MGB’s, Austin Marinas and Hillmans which Canadian Tire has listings for. Faulty universal joints can be dangerous and costly. And, their effect on other more expensive components can result in major repairs. To do the job universal joints are designed to do, a regular inspection schedule is recommended. A regular check-up of these components will help to prevent driveline breakdown.

Over-heating of the U-Joint can signal a worn joint. Damaged seals can also be indicators of immediate or future U-Joint problems.

Another check for worn U-Joints would be to have someone move the transmission range selector from forward to reverse, while firmly applying the brakes. Any motion, looseness, or play in the U-Joint indicates a worn U-Joint.


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