by Dave Spiwak in the June 1995 RootesReview

After having my fuel supply cut off suddenly while driving, I found that small flakes of debris were blocking the fuel outlet tube at the center of the crossover pipe between the gas tanks. The original coating inside the tanks flakes off with time and these flakes will block our fuel flow. Removing the remaining coating is next to impossible, but it can easily be isolated.

I removed the crossover pipe and pushed 7″ squares of aluminum window-screen into each end. This will block the debris but still allow lots of room for fuel flow. While you are at it, now is a good time to check and renew your fuel system. Check your rubber filler neck for cracks. Make sure your vent tubes are open (remove tank end and blow through them.)crossover screens

Check crossover tube rubber boots for cracks. Having trouble removing crossover pipe? There’s a hidden bolt under the bumper that holds the pipe in place. It is not visible from the top. You do not have to remove the tanks from the car to perform these operations.

This is a moderate job for the novice mechanic.

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Has anyone actually done this and achieved a long term fix? My initial gut feel is that the window screen “filter” would trap the debris/paint flakes and block. Would be great if it did work and saved all the hassle of tank removal and recoating.

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