by Burtis S. Horner in the April 1977 RootesReview, Tom Ehrhart in the  August 1977 RootesReview, and unknown others:

Sources for Some Parts

Use ½”” ID air conditioner hose, available at your local auto parts store, to replace those leaky oil filter lines or to hook up your oil cooler. Use the fittings from your old hoses and some quality stainless steel hose clamps

If you need front wheel bearings for your Tiger or Alpine and your local parts store doesn’t have a listing, get the bearings listed for 71-74 Capri. The Sunbeam grease seal is not the same.

The following are BCA part numbers for Tigers and Alpines. Inner 1988-1922; Outer A-2(LM11949,LM11910); Seal 1090.

Brakes: Volvo piston #667592 from a 144-S fit the calipers. I’m told the 144-S are the same as the original equipment.

Rear Wheel Cylinders: Volvo #64674597 This one is for the left rear; I don’t know about the right , but I believe are interchangeable.

Servo Rebuild Kit: #S.P. 2228 Girling – Includes all gaskets and seals. The only problem is the large vacuum piston plate seal has to be re-cut to fit the bolt holes.

Clutch Master Cylinder: Girling #3112250 W $39.85 This is an integral unit.

Steering Universal Joints: Jaguar #K05-6Bl These come pre-greased, and have a grease fitting included.

Hoses: 90 Shaped hose from a Volvo 122-S #898 Beck Arnley-Britannia for the radiator to over flow tank.

Brake Master Cylinder: 5/8 Girling; The same as a Formula Ford, although mine is non-integral. Girling #625.

FRAM Air Cleaner CA 114 fits very nicely.  It also flows more air ..

Try this hose for the upper radiator hose: GATES 20686, it’s molded, cut off one end and on it goes.

The exact replacement gas cap for Series III and earlier Alpines is used on Triumph motorcycles. I don’t know what years exactly, but all the 650 cc’s of the mid 1960’s, that I’ve seen, were the same.



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