The Owls Head Transportation Museum (OHTM) will be first the site of the autocross. The next day the concourse will also be held there concurrent with their annual Foreign car festival and antique Aeroplane show.  Cars of the ROOTES Group will be the favored ones.
Owls Head Transportation Museum

The museum is home to an operating collection of antique aircraft, significant aircraft include a 1923 Fokker C.IV, a 1916 Sopwith Pup, a 1917 Curtiss Jenny and a Standard J-1.

Antique automobiles, bicycles, carriages and motorcycles are shown in a very spacious way with excellent explanations. Besides the collection, the museum hosts a variety of special attractions like model T Ford rides, biplane flights, demonstrations, and children’s activities like model building, pedal cars, and more.

XXIX AirplaneThe museum will offer TEAE members a couple of biplane rides and possibly a fly-over the Samoset and the area. Details, how we will award these will follow later! Keep your eyes peeled.

Plan your next year’s vacation around the ROOTES UNITED!

Next month we’ll discuss the town of Rockland, Maine.

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