by Ed Esslinger in the July 1996 RootesReview

After trying many methods of removing rear (axle) hubs from Alpines and Tigers, I had my welding shop make this tool. The plate is 6” x 6”and is 3/8″ thick. The hole pattern is the same as the brake drum. Lug bolt holes 1/2″; U-channel is 1-1/4″ deep.
hub pullerTo use this tool, remove brake drum, remove, reverse and reinstall axle nut (to protect threads), leave space between axle nut and hub. Place tool over wheel studs and install wheel nuts. Keep tool square with hub and tighten wheel nuts evenly to 60 ft-lbs. If hub does not start to loosen, tap with hammer.

I’ve removed a lot of hubs, and it has worked every time. Note the depth of the U-channel can be adjusted by shim placement.

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