by Tom Ehrhart in the October 2004 RootesReview

The “Sunbeam V8” and “Powered by Ford” inserts are no longer available. But, for those of you who have old dirty inserts, they can be repaired as good as new.

All you do is rub the backside of the insert against a piece of 320/400 grit sandpaper placed on a very flat surface. Finish off with 600 grit. Repaint with the appropriate color (black for Tigers, maroon for Alpines) using an aerosol can paint. Let dry and polish the front with a combination cleaner and paste wax used for auto bodies. If the front surface is severely scratched, you could use a little paint-rubbing compound and then finish off with the cleaner/wax.

The nice thing about these inserts is the chrome. It very seldom deteriorates. Therefore, a properly refinished part is comparable to a new one.

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