by Bill Dewell in the December 1997 RootesReview

I overhauled my complete front end some years ago, but during the succeeding years the car wasn’t driven much as it was in various stages of restoration. On inspection of the ball joints and tie rod ends, I noticed the rubber dust covers had dry rotted off the joints. The joints themselves looked brand new inside, but without dust covers they were certainly doomed.

I checked with Sunbeam parts vendors and local parts houses for replacement dust covers to no avail. On a trip to Carlisle I came across a company called “Just Suspension” and my problem was solved. There I found polyurethane ball joint and tie rod ends in assorted sizes and colors. The dust covers which will fit snugly over a 3/4 inch pin for the ball joint and a 1/2 inch pin for the tie rod ends will work perfectly. The covers fit tight over the ball joint and tie rod ends when installed and tightened down. I should add that covers aren’t cheap, but neither are ball joints.

Just Suspensions is located at:
Just Suspensions
33 Jacksonville Rd.
P.O. Box 167
Towaco, NJ

Ed note: Current address is 4723 Mountain Creek Ave. Denver, NC 28037

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