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      Can someone Please post pictures of the lower grille molding position and how it clipped on a Tiger MK1A ?


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      I don’t have a picture so I’ll try to describe it. If you look at the flat area of the grille opening you should see 4 holes or rivets that look like small cups if they haven’t been removed. the lower finisher pops over top of them following the holes from side to side meeting the chrome eyebrow that outlines the sides and upper part of the opening. If the rivets have been removed, Sunbeam Specialties I believe has them, look in the catalog for the lower finisher and they should be listed with it.

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      Steve – I can take a couple of pix of one installed on the car – would that help? Car is inside (8 degrees here and snow covered), I should be able to get something…

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      Thanks that would be great if you could get a couple of pic. Don’t stay out to long in the -8. 😀


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      Bob and Jean Webb

        You can see the trim in this photo.


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        Bob and Jean Webb

          A better photo


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          Thanks Mark, that helped alot. 😀 😀 😀

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          Well, that wasn’t me – but glad that you got what you needed. Nice response from our members 🙂
          I tried to take a shot from underneath, but with the undercoat on my car the photo was pretty well useless.

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          Bob and Jean Webb

            Both cars shown are restorations done by Doug Jennings. He installed both lower finishers

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            Sorry about that Bob and Mark for the mix up. 😳 Thanks for the post they Help a lot.

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