United X – 1986

by Mike Smith

Folks, what can I say about the concours at United X, Indianapolis? Well, I would like to report that everything ran like a well-oiled machine; but I would be telling a falsehood.
The pre-planning by Schonberger and crew were exact, precise, and well executed in the beginning; but when you people (I am writing this for those of you who were not able to experience this first-hand) drove into the famous brickyard, the organization went to h— and you became kids in the proverbial candy store. The annual pre-concours meeting, which is held just prior to judging and is always attended by everyone showing a car was for the most part this year a hello, have fun, and goodbye to a handful of people.
Do you have any idea where all of our mature and generally level-headed members were while this important meeting was being held? There they were–running around with two things on their collective minds: “Where and when are the track photos to be taken.”, and “What time are we going to hot-lap the track.”
Really, I’m just kidding as the concours this year went very smoothly with just a few errors. We added a class this year due to the number of competition cars that were pre-registered. Judges had to spend a little more time scoring due to the fact that we had cars spread out over one-quarter of a mile.
All in all the whole day was just terrific! One couldn’t help but to get caught up in the atmosphere of the most famous speedway in the world. The most important thing is that we were there–participating, enjoying and remembering–TOGETHER.
I would like to thank the following people who helped this year to bring you a quality, professional, yet fun event:


Tiger Judges

Martyn Tripp Bob Grubbs
Bert Szulc Jim Morrison
Dave Reina Dan Cameron
Armin Urbin Gary Hellings
Scott Woerth Bill Bulpitt
Roadibility Tallying Scores
Dave Johnson Andrea Hellings
Ken Bishop



Stock Tiger

1st Scott & Bobbi Woerth, Christiana, PA
2nd Gary & Julia Ballard, Indianapolis, IN
3rd Wally Swift, Beltsville, MD

Stock Alpine

1st Joanne Ehrhart, Harrisburg, PA
2nd Lee Pennell, Lenoir, NC
3rd Joan Farmer, Basking Ridge, NJ

Personalized Tiger

1st Ron & Pat Heinz, Jamestown, OH
2nd John Engle, Kettering, OH
3rd Dean McEnery, West St. Paul, MN

Personalized Alpine

1st Steve Masse, Dayton, OH
2nd Dave & Elnore Lawler, Harleysville, PA
3rd Robert Webb, Waverly, OH

Modified Sunbeam

1st Gene Boone, Norcross, GA
2nd Doug Bullard & Pat Parsley, Westminster, CO
3rd Tom Ehrhart, Harrisburg, PA


1st Tiger, Larry Marzano, Gurnee, IL
2nd Alpine, Wally Swift, Beltsville, MD
3rd Tiger, Curt Bowland, Crystal Lake, IL

Most Desirable Tiger

1st Gene Boone, Norcross, GA
2nd Gary & Andrea Hellings, Warrington, PA
3rd Tom Stoyle, Mentor, OH

Most Desirable Alpine

1st Bert & Cindy Szulc, Bordentown, NJ
2nd Teddy Ax, Boulder, CO
3rd Ed Atkinson, Romulus, MI

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