L6 – Rim Problems

Author Unknown Check your stock rims for any sign of stress cracking. This should be a routine inspection. You can imagine the catastrophic effect of the rims cracking and parting company at highway speed. Several cases have been reported in the early stages and the rims are relatively cheap and plentiful.

L7 – Tire Sizing for Stock Alpine/Tiger

Author Unknown Question: What size tires (the largest) will fit on a stock Alpine or Tiger front end with enough clearance? Answer: The largest I can recall is 215-60’s on 13″x 6″ or 7″ wheels. Any oversized tire requires trimming the lip off of the front apron so tire edge does not rub when wheel (more…)

L12 – Minilite Available Again

by Gary W. Schotland in the September 1994 RootesReview Yes, that classic aluminum racing wheel from the 60’s, the Minilite, is once again being produced in England using the original tooling. They’re available through Sports & Classics (no relation to me) at 203-655-8731 for $170 each for either 13×6’s or 14×6’s. (Ed note: see Sports (more…)

L10 – Removing Rear Wire Wheel Hubs

by Ed Esslinger in the May 1998 RootesReview Needing to remove my rear wire hubs to replace the oil seals, and not having the factory tools (who does?), I made a “plug” that works great on my Series V. The plug is 3-1/4 inches long and should be no greater than 1-3/4 inches in diameter. (more…)

L11 – Checking 8-Spoke Wheel Center Hub Clearance

by Ed Esslinger in the May 1998 RootesReview Over a year ago, I purchased a set of 8 spoke alloy wheels from a well-known source. They looked great, so I had tires mounted and the wheels installed on my Series V Alpine. On the way home, I noticed a very bad vibration at the front (more…)

L12 – Tire Size

from the May 1977 RootesReview: QUESTION: Will A60 X 13 tires (front) and B60 X 13’s (Rear) fit without sticking out of the fenders or without flairs? ANSWER: Yes–providing the wheels used have the correct offset and the tire configuration is much like that of a B.F.G. Radial 60 T/A.