K25 – Brake Fluid Selection

by Tom Ehrhart in the March 2002 RootesReview: When should you use Silicon vs. Girling Brake Fluid? Use silicone brake fluid for street driving and occasional collector car type use (more…)

K23 – Servo Units

by Marc James Small in the April 1977 RootesReview, edited by Tom Calvert Regarding the article on servo unit rebuilding by Antoni Wojtowicz and M. del Prado in the August, (more…)

K22 – Better Brake Fluids

reprinted from Motor Trend, December 1990 in the March 1996 RootesReview Many questions have arisen about the use of silicone (DOT 5) brake fluids in their cars. I spotted this (more…)

K21 – Four Wheel Disc Brakes

by Dick Nye in the September 1995 RootesReview (reprinted from Tiger Tales Vol. 25 #4) What do a Sunbeam Tiger, Fiat124, Datsun B-210, $200 and your friendly machine shop have (more…)