K2 – Flexible Brake Hoses

by Tom Ehrhart The following is taken from literature from Lockheed on the installation and maintenance of flexible brake hoses: To ensure that the vehicle braking system remains in good working order and provides the essential safety and reliability, periodic checks and replacement of flexible brake hoses is necessary. At every 6,000 miles, 10,000 kilometers, (more…)

K3 – Brake Fluids

by Stu Brennan I remember sitting in a tech session at a United several years back, listening to some of our experts talk about silicone brake fluid. They were describing how easy it was to put silicone fluid in–just fill the reservoir and bleed until the silicone fluid came out. I pointed out that there (more…)

K4 – Special Notice – RE: Silicone Brake Fluid

It has come to our notice that some users of Silicone Brake Fluid have experienced problems with strange-feeling pedal. Since silicone brake fluid exceeds DOT-5 standards, there can be no possibility that the fluid is doing strange things when in use! The problem seems to stem from the fact that silicone brake fluid retains air (more…)

K5 – Series V Alpine Brakes

by Steve Finberg On a recent trip to my favorite parts emporium, I was told they were no longer stocking brake shoes for my Series V Alpine; but if I would leave a $10 deposit, they would be glad to special order the part. Somewhat of a bummer, however the long put off brake job (more…)

K6 – Brake and Clutch Hydraulic Cylinders

by R. Pennell The hydraulic cylinders of my car were all rebuilt with painstaking care and utmost cleanliness. All internal parts were soaked in Castrol LMA and the completed assemblies stored in airtight ziplock plastic bags. All of this work was completed approx. 1 1/2 to two years prior to installation on the car. Lo (more…)

K7 – Cylinder Liners

from CAT In January, 1984, we published an article on a brake cylinder lining service offered by White Post Restorations. By popular demand, we are republishing their address, as follows: White Post Restorations White Post, Virginia 22663 (703) 837-1140 White Post prefers that you strip your battered cylinder (brake or clutch) of all parts, then (more…)

K8 – Brake Component Thread Repair

from CAT The threads on most of the components of your Tiger’s brake system are fragile at best. It is easy to cross-thread a line into a cylinder, for example, and, once the threads are damaged, the chances for a good, leak-free connection are very small unless you can repair the threads. One thing I (more…)

K9 – Master Cylinder Cleanup

by Jim Morrison In attempting to return the engine compartment in my Tiger to like new condition, I found no way of cleaning the exterior of the clutch and brake master cylinders to remove the discolorations of age. As a last resort, I lightly sand blasted them with very good results. The first step is (more…)

K10 – Silicone Brake Fluid to the Rescue

by T. T. Cantwin in the February 1982 RootesReview: A three-year test of Dow Coming’s silicone brake fluid demonstrated its ability to prevent corrosion of major brake components. Northern States Power Co. tested the fluid in fifteen vehicles that traveled a total of 311,300 miles. None required replacement of wheel cylinders, master cylinders, or calipers (more…)

K11 – Servo Unit Rebuild Instructions

by Tom Ehrhart Rebuilding the Girling servo is a critical operation that requires cleanliness, care in disassembly/reassembly, and moderate mechanical dexterity. If you are a little weak in or doubtful about the latter, get a qualified individual to help or do not attempt this rebuild. If you are apprehensive about attempting this rebuild-don’t! The worst (more…)