J5 – How to Restore Your Steering Wheel

by Joe Parlanti in the May and June 2007 RootesReview: Most of us with original wood steering wheels are aware of the issues attributable to age and exposure to the elements. Some people prefer a more modern aftermarket wheel, but I like the look and originality of the original steering wheel, so I decided to (more…)

J4 – Steering Column Woes

by Tiger Tom and Fred Baum in the September 2007 RootesReview: When tightening the securing nut, does it in fact tighten because the nut was bottoming out on the steering column or because it ran out of threads? The steering wheel telescoping lock works just like a bike fork works. If you ever took a (more…)

J3 – Tiger Alignment

originally published as The Driveway Mechanic: Keeping the Tiger on the Straight and Narrow by Larry Paulick in the October 2000 RootesReview: Hi Group. Well, I am finally getting my alignment on the Tiger to come into spec, which is 4 degrees positive caster, 1/2 degree negative camber, and 1/8″ negative toe-in. This is what (more…)

J2 – Steering Adjustment for Alpines

by Andy in the May 1995 RootesReview One of the subjects that tends to be a black art to many people is setting up the Alpine steering system. Admittedly, if you dismantle the steering and suspension assembly on your car then you have to be very careful about what you do and how you go (more…)

J1 – Tiger Steering Column Rebuild

Jim Leach Pacific Tiger Club published in the January 1997 Rootes Review When our cars were designed and built, no one at Rootes or Jensen could have imagined so many Sunbeam Tigers would have survived 30+ years and that they would develop such a strong following of enthusiasts?  Many parts and components have been re-manufactured, (more…)