No. 189
June 9, 1960



With the approach of summer, we would remind all Dealers that anti-freeze should be drained from the cooling system of cars during the summer months, otherwise fouling of the cooling system and overheating are liable to occur.

In cars which have been sold this is, of course, the owner’s responsibility, but it is possible that you have new cars in stock and also that cars may be in transit to you from our Depot. It is with particular reference to those cars that we are issuing this bulletin.

Will you please ensure that all cars in stock and received from us are checked and if they have anti-freeze in the cooling system it should be drained by opening the drain cocks on the radiator and cylinder block, flushing out the system and refilling with water.

We do know, however, many owners are successfully using the newly introduced DOWGARD and TELAR year-round coolant fluid and in this particular situation it may well be that your location will want to actively merchandise this material which can be procured through your local DuPont or Dow Chemical distributor.

We do know however the installation of this material does increase the boiling temperature limits of the cooling system which does in many instances forestall overheating and lack of performance in highly congested metropolitan areas, more especially when overheating is encountered in connection with air conditioners, particularly on Humber Super Snipe models.

Kindly bring the above to the attention of all concerned.


F. J. McGettrick
Wholesale Parts & Service Depts.

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