by Joe Mazzei originally published as The Technical Tiger in the April 1977 RootesReview

This combination of is probably one of the best deals to come along. Many Tiger owners have noticed the oil pressure drop momentarily under hard braking, hard cornering (clover leafs, etc.) and in those cars that see an occasional impromptu light Gran Prix. This is due to the oil being pulled away from the oil pump pickup , NO OIL PRESSURE TO THE BEARINGS. This can be cured by installing the Boss 302 oil pan and pickup (screen). Additional benefits can be obtained by installing at the same time, the Boss 302 windage and mounting bolts (special main cap bolts). The windage tray can be good for as much as 12-15 HP at 6000 RPM.
All Boss 302 parts:

Oil Pan (baffled) DOZZ-6675-A $33.55
Pickup (screen) C9ZZ-6622-A $5.80
Baffle (windage tray) C9ZZ-6687-B $10.70
Main Cap Bolts C9ZZ-6345-A (need 4) $3.85 ea.
Main Cap Bolts DOZZ-6345-A (need 4) $0.78 ea.

You will have to check the length of the bolts in your engine so you can get the proper bolts-only four are needed. At this time you may wish to increase the amount of oil going to all the places it should by changing the oil pump to the Boss 302 pump or to the TRW Hi Pressure or Hi Volume pump. This entire job is done with the engine in the car and takes less than one hour.

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